About Us

In 2013, I became a mother to a little boy who has an even greater love for the outdoors than I do. He is always into something whether it be digging in the sand or rolling in the grass with the dog. On several occasions, I found myself cleaning grass stains and dirt out of beautiful smocked clothes. This is when I decided I needed a simple and comfortable, yet cute and kid friendly t-shirt for all those times we just want to "Get Messy".

Based in Mobile, Alabama, Mustard & Ketchup Kids LLC creates simple and comfortable, kid-inspired apparel. Our brand is unique offering children a stylish alternative to expensive dressy clothing. Moms will thank us! 

Mustard & Ketchup Kids can be found in children's boutiques, outdoor specialty stores, as well as online www.mustardandketchupkids.com.

Thank you for your support!